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High Resolution Analysis of Human Exposure to Air Pollution

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Taking A Stroll Through Brooklyn Bridge Park

Andrew CaplinDirector of Scientific Agenda, The Human Project; Deputy Director, ISDM New York University

Masoud Ghandehari Associate Professor, New York University

Juan Pablo Mura LopezResearch Fellow, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress

Aristides PatrinosDeputy Director of Research, CUSP, NYU Emeritus; Board of Directors, The Human Project

George ThurstonProfessor, Department of Environmental Medicine; Professor, Department of Population Health Environmental Medicine, New York University

Date Published
April, 2016

Recent discoveries highlight the profound effects of air pollution on human health and well-being. Children’s respiratory health, particularly for low-income children, is especially impacted by such pollution. For example, recent research shows a clear correlation in the South Bronx, New York City, between poor localized air quality and high asthma levels in young children. Unfortunately, such research is few and far between and only represents a snapshot of these children’s lives and not the long-term health effects or the impact on other outcomes for individuals. The Human Project is collecting and correlating a vast array of data in a single database to overcome this measurement deficit and make meaningful improvements in air quality and quality of life.