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Research Platform

10,000 New Yorkers changing history

Despite great medical and scientific progress, we still lose years of our lives to diseases like Alzheimer’s and obesity. We miss out on opportunities due to poverty and poor education.

The Human Project is a pioneering research platform that aims to solve the toughest problems we face today. The breakthroughs will come from seeing how the millions of invisible connections between our bodies, behavior, and environment shape us and determine our future. Together, we can reveal the big picture to creating a better world.

A living snapshot of an American city

Core Values

Participants as Partners

The Human Project is a partnership between participants, staff, and their company Data Cubed, all of whom play a role in governing the study. Protecting participants and their privacy guides every decision we make and everything that we do.

Prioritizing Data Security

Ensuring the confidentiality of participant data is our highest priority. The Human Project staff are also committed advocates for privacy and data security enhancements that can benefit everyone.

Respect for All

The Human Project is dedicated to the continuous process of acknowledging and embracing cultural differences in order to foster respectful and effective interaction with all people. This is reflected in its employment, outreach, and research.

Leaders in Ethical Research

The Human Project will be a leader in the ethical conduct of big data research. We will never sell or give away participants’ personal data. No researcher, government entity, or company can take a participant’s personal information.

Candor and Transparency

The Human Project will be transparent about its aims, ethics, methodologies, measurements, and findings. Our team is committed to sharing ideas and challenges openly as we work to achieve our mission.

Advancing Science for Good

The Human Project is, and will remain, a public resource to solve our toughest societal challenges. It will foster new kinds of scientific inquiry and research innovations that improve our quality of life and make our government more responsive to citizens.


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