Paul W. Glimcher, Ph.D.

Director, The Human Project

Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science, Economics, and Psychology; Director, Institute for the Study of Decision Making, New York University

Samanta Shaw

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah M. Bayer, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist, The Human Project

Research Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, Institute for the Study of Decision Making, New York University

Andrew Caplin, Ph.D.

Director, Scientific Agenda, The Human Project

Silver Professor of Economics, Deputy Director, Institute for the Study of Decision Making, New York University

Alex Pentland, Ph.D., Chair

Chair, Measurement Technology Advisory Council, The Human Project

Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program, MIT

Lynn Goldstein

Chair, Privacy & Security Advisory Council, The Human Project.

Senior Strategist for the Information Accountability Foundation

Kathleen McGarry, Ph.D.

Chair, Study Frame Advisory Council, The Human Project

Professor of Economics and Chair, Department of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Arthur Caplan, PhD

Drs. William F. and Virginia Connolly Mitty Professor of Bioethics;
Director, Division of Medical Ethics New York University School of Medicine


Nanette Giles

Program Manager

Ellen Choi

Events Planner

Elisa Fox

Assistant to the Associate Director

Felisha Young

Financial Analyst

Tamsi New

Office Manager

Ruby Chen

Assistant to the Director

Daniel Rivera

Office Assistant

Angela Qian

Administrative Assistant

Maisha Ahmad

Receptionist/Office Assistant

Olivia Claparols

Receptionist/Office Assistant

Douglas Tatz

Administrative Aide

Education & Public Outreach

Debra Wexler

Chief Communications Officer

Jolaubi Osho

Communications Associate

Ariel Sun

Marketing Associate

Eduardo Almonte

Web Master

Ankit Ruhela

User Experience Designer

Study Population

Christine Cowles

Chief Study Population Officer

Catlin Rideout

Deputy Study Population Officer

Yenny Fernandez

Field Manager

Jordan Cuevas

Junior Research Scientist


Sara Meeder

Director, Research Compliance & Ethics

Meghan Michalski

Junior Research Scientist

Measurement & Technology

Caryn Knutsen

Chief Measurement and Technology Officer

Uche Anene

Research Biologist

Tyler Burleigh, Ph.D.

Psychologist/Mobile Researcher

Benjamin Scaglione

Junior Researcher

Data, Privacy, and Security

Rebecca Rosen

Chief Data, Privacy, and Security Officer

Wendel B. Silva

Deputy Chief Data Officer

Gianmattia Verzella

Head of Data Partnerships

Christopher Rusnak

Research Data Analyst

Maxim Petrov

Senior System Architect/Engineer

Mark Magpayo

Senior Security Specialist

Joshua Dickinson

Senior IT Manager

Ulrich Atz


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The Human Project is supported by Data Cubed, Inc., a company owned in part by New York University, whose mission includes sustaining the long-term operation of the study and its goals of philanthropy and social justice. Data Cubed ensures that participants and the study benefit when for-profit companies use insights from Human Project data for profitable, socially responsible work.


Brent Schimke

Chief Operating Officer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Alex Bakal

Chief Financial Officer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Mike Kaminsky

Director of Product and Design, Data Cubed, Inc.

Paul Donnelly

Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Data Cubed, Inc.

Karan Desai

Full Stack Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Celia Marquez

OS Team Lead, Data Cubed, Inc.

Alex Smirnoff

Software Development Lead, Data Cubed, Inc.

Rick Rodriguez

Interaction Designer, Data Cubed, Inc.

John Gomez

Android Developer, Data Cubed, Inc

Arjun Moudgil

iOS Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Ivan Martinez

Visual Designer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Yuma Uesaka

Android Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Lorina Navarro

User Experience Researcher, Data Cubed, Inc.

Jewelia Kim

User Experience Designer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Yang Dai

Front-End Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Masih Tabrizi

iOS Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Kevin Dam

Front-End Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Ishan Handa

Software Engineering Intern, Data Cubed, Inc.

Aadam Saleem

Android Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Manvita Dalal

Senior Android Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

Marina Hoashi

React Native Software Developer, Data Cubed, Inc.

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Embedded S/W Systems Engineer, Data Cubed, Inc.

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UX Designer II, Data Cubed, Inc.

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Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Data Cubed, Inc.