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Finding the Best Fit: Building a Novel Student-School Compatibility Tool to Improve School Choice

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Paul Glimcher, Ph.D., Director, The Human Project; Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science, Economics, and Psychology and Director, Institute for the Study of Decision Making, New York University

Tyler Burleigh, Ph.D., Psychologist and Mobile Researcher, The Human Project

Date Published
November, 2017

School choice and educational diversity are key planks of educational reform. Diversity and choice have the potential to improve educational outcomes and lift children in underserved communities. But this potential will only be realized if families and school designers can make the right choices. We need a data-driven approach to both school design and school choice that maximizes performance — at the level of individual students. By late 2019, The Human Project will deliver an easy-to-use app that mines deep data on every aspect of a student and a district to identify the schools of “best fit” using advanced student-school compatibility analytics. For school designers, our analytics flips this process by analyzing a population of students to identify the specific characteristics of schools that best serve that population.