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Building the Next Generation of Early Warning Systems in Education

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Paul Glimcher, Ph.D., Director, The Human Project; Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science, Economics, and Psychology and Director, Institute for the Study of Decision Making, New York University

Tyler Burleigh, Ph.D., Psychologist and Mobile Researcher, The Human Project

Date Published
November, 2017

The issues that challenge students need to be diagnosed early and with precision. Left undetected and untreated, small problems reliably snowball into catastrophic failures that are costly and difficult to remediate. By the time students are failing classes and missing school, it is often too late to help them. First-generation Early Warning Systems intended to guide teachers, schools and districts have been developed, but the systems in use today provide slow and imprecise insights. Educators need systems that are driven by a deeper analysis of the root challenges students face — issues like mental illness, social alienation, or negative peer affiliation. The Human Project will use its newly created database to deliver a Next Generation Early Warning System that will identify student challenges months before they influence grades and attendance, when intervention is effective and low-cost. This tool is scheduled for test deployment in New York City in 2019.